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They are suitable for the woodwork desk edge in the offices, kitchens and living room.

  • Provide a fine wooden grain on the surface as well as overall wooden grain effect on both the surface and the inside.
  • The wedge bending contains the functions of protection and good appearance.
  • Thickness if from 0.3mm to 12mm and the width can be custom-made according to specific requirements.
  • Hard edge bending including PVC or ABS for alternatives.
PI 10-3
PI 18-015
PI 18-1
PI 19-1
PI 19-2
PI 18-012
PI 23-1
PI 23-2
PI 23-3A
PI 23-3B
PI 23-3C
PI 25-1
PI 27-2
PI 27-3
PI 28-1
PI 29-2
PI 30-2
PI 30-3
PI 31-1
PI 32-3
PI 34-1
PI 35-3
PI 35-2
PI 36-1
PA 17-3
PA 35-8
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