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Electrical Wire Molding
Crash-proof Strip
Crash-proof Strip
Sport Equipment
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Creative Finished Door
Roller Shutter System
K/D Plastic Drawer Parts(¢¹)
K/D Plastic Drawer Parts(¢º)
Plastic Board
Office Furniture Parts
Genernal Furniture Parts
Edge Bending
PC¡BLED Lampshade

Application to cabinet series, can also serve as a partition, with changeful types and a complete category.

  • It¡¦s economical and environment-friendly by replacing wood with plastics; has UV-resistant, moisture-proof, mildew-resistant and anticorrosive characteristics.
  • Light waterproof material, inside hollow structure, smooth surface without color fading, east to wash.
  • Insulating materials that have no spontaneous combustion, not combustion-supporting lead to high safety.
  • Blending in modularized concepts into product designing. The completeness of coordinating accessories makes the products more abundant in variations.
FU 227
FU 300
FU 337
FU 365
FU 280H
FU 376H